By Norma Avila  . Social Services Agency


Social Workers, Thank You for Your Service


As 2022 comes to a close, I fondly think about the folks who work tirelessly to protect children and support families in need. They are a source of stability and strength for so many facing crises, yet quietly go about their work unnoticed. They are social workers. Whether new or seasoned veterans, I am thankful for their commitment and sacrifice to helping families heal and build resilience. Social workers bring hope for a better future.


I discovered a thank you note from a social worker expressing admiration and respect for another colleague. It reads:


“I had the privilege of working with you and I can only think about the positive impact you have had on
families during your years of service. I can only imagine the hundreds of thousands of lives that are
impacted by your decision to become a social worker. It takes one person and one opportunity to
cultivate, change and make someone feel like they matter and are heard. Thank you for choosing to help
others and to weave your heart into every fiber of this work. Thank you for working at the Agency and
taking on various roles and positions in different units. Your gifts are meant to be shared and spread. Thank
you for having the courage to answer the call for action. Thank you for all the sleepless nights reading and
writing reports and the endless driving. Thank you for the time you spent attending trainings, meetings and
reading and adhering to policy changes, all while meeting Court demands. Thank you for upholding your
assessments and recommendations when called to Court as a witness. Thank you for being a social
worker and valuing what you do. Thank you for your ethics and for being supportive and encouraging
to the children, families and co-workers. There will always be fond memories of children and families you
supported during uncertain times. Their lives are forever changed because of you. Thank you for being a
helper and for the countless tasks you do that no one sees behind the scenes. You are one of the
strongest and unnoticed heroes that makes a lasting impact in the lives of children and families.”


I hope all social work staff take to heart this sincere thank you and know that you are appreciated for the work you do every day. We at the County of Orange Social Services Agency thank you, our valued social workers, for your unwavering dedication and commitment to serve others.