Post-Adoption Information
& Inquiries

Serving Our Families Post-Adoption
Adoptive families have unique needs and may
need special assistance as the family grows
and matures.

Post-Adoption Resources

The County of Orange Social Services Agency strives to provide information, following state regulations, for adoptions finalized after 1967 in Orange County, California.

All forms must be notorized/witnessed.

904 Birthparent Consent Form

904A Sibling Consent Form (18 years +)

904B Sibling Consent Form (under age 18)

908A Adoptee Consent Form (21 years +)

Web Resources

State of California
904 Questions & Answers about Adoption

State of California
Obtaining Post-Adoption Information

State of California
Adoption Resources

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Send completed post-adoption
inquiries and consent/release forms to:
County of Orange
Social Services Agency
Post-Adoption Inquiries
PO Box 14229
Orange, CA 92863-1229


Complete the post-adoption inquiry
form below and hit submit.


(714) 704-8000
Have post-adoption questions? Ask to
speak with an on-duty social worker in
the Resource Family
Approval Program.

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