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Resource Parenting

What is the Resource Family Approval (RFA) process?
What is a resource parent?
What are the requirements?
Is there support available?
What is an adoptive parent?
May I be both a foster and an adoptive parent?
How do I know what type of parent I should be?
Who may become a resource parent?
How many children may I have in my home?
What are some resource parent characteristics?
What are the types of resource parents?
What are the benefits of being a resource parent?
Will I have to complete training to be approved?
Do children in care need individual bedrooms?
Are there costs involved with resource parenting?

Children and Youth in Foster Care

Who are the children in foster care?
How do these children come under the Agency's care?
May we choose the child we want?
What are the needs of children in care?
How long does a child in out-of-home care stay in the resource family home?
Is there contact with the child's parents?
What educational services are available to children in care?
May we take the children on vacation with us?


What if I work outside the home?
Is there financial assistance?

Fostering to Adopt

May resource parents adopt children in foster care?
Does Orange County offer post-adoption and reunion services?

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