Resource Parenting

Temporarily Provide a Safe & Loving Home for Children in Need

A resource parent provides a safe, stable and loving home for children who must live away from their parents due to abuse or neglect. The goal of the County of Orange Social Services Agency is to safely reunite children with their families whenever possible. Resource parents facilitate that goal.

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Orange County Children Need You

Thousands of children in Orange County need a foster home. These children are of every age and ethnicity, have brothers and sisters and may have medical challenges.

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Facts About Resource Parenting

The impact resource parents make to help children heal from their trauma starts with awareness of the basic facts of foster care and an understanding of the needs and challenges our children face.

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How to Become a Resource Parent

The Resource Family Approval (RFA) process is a unified, family-friendly and child-centered approach that focuses on developing potential caregivers to foster, adopt or provide legal guardianship to children, youth and young adults (non-minor dependents, 18 to 21 years old). As caregivers move through the approval process, they are considered for potential placement of children served by the child welfare and/or probation systems. Call us at (888) 871-5437 to register for an orientation class.

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Prospective resource parents will complete the following three classes: Orientation, Partnering with SSA and Trauma Informed Parenting.


As part of the application process, prospective resource parents will be asked to show proof of CPR certification, provide personal references, income expenditures, and meet additional requirements.


The assessment process includes a comprehensive background check on every person, 18 and over, living in the home as well as a home safety inspection. Also, all family members and individuals in the home will be asked to participate in a comprehensive family evaluation.

Resource Parent Programs

Whether you want to care for a child for a few hours or several years that leads to creating life-long connections, there’s an out-of-home care program that is right for you.

  • Emergency Shelter Home

    The Emergency Shelter Home (ESH) program supports approved resource parents who agree to provide short-term care for children and youth, up to 30 days, while longer-term solutions are explored.

  • Non-Minor Dependents

    These young adults, ages 18 to 21, are working towards career or educational goals and need a home with family support as they achieve their current ambitions.

  • Respite Care

    Respite gives relief to resource parents by providing temporary support for children in care. Respite is provided by approved resource parents for periods ranging from one hour up to 14 days.

  • Special Medical

    Children with a wide range of medical conditions are ready to take the journey to healing. Receive training on child-specific medical issues and on-going support.

  • Treatment Foster Care Oregon–Orange County (TFCO-OC)

    TFCO-OC is a family-based, care program for children and youth between the ages of 12 and 18 with emotional and behavioral challenges. On-going training is provided to caregivers and 24 hours-a-day support is available, seven days-a-week, from a supportive team of professionals.

From a Child’s Perspective "ReMoved"