September 2021

September 15 kicks off a month of celebrating the many contributions made by Hispanic and Latino Americans to American society. These four weeks provide an opportunity for resource parents to talk with children and youth in their care about their cultural and ethnic heritage and customs. Talking about culture and emphasizing the value of children’s customs may help them build resiliency and form healthy cultural identities. There are many simple and fun ways to affirm and support children’s cultural history and heritage. Below are some suggestions to help resource parents honor their children’s Hispanic and Latino cultural roots.

Together, read books about your child’s heritage. Click on the icon to see a list of children’s books.

Watching movies and television programs are a great way to learn about different cultures. Click on the icon to see a list of family-friendly viewings.

Learn about your child’s culture through taste. Click on the icon to see a list of Hispanic and Latino recipes to make dinner more meaningful.

“Be Inspired”