March 2022


Meditation and Self-Care: Just a Few Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life


Social workers support families and individuals through difficult and stressful times – ensuring the vulnerable are safeguarded from harm. This support may include providing counsel and resources on self-care. But many social workers ignore their own needs and neglect to form habits that promote good physical and mental health. Not practicing self-care may lead to emotional and energy depletion, which may affect the quality of service delivery to clients


One way to avoid burnout is to practice meditation. Research from the Mayo Clinic found that meditation can increase self-awareness and reduce negative emotions. Plus, anyone can practice meditation anywhere at any time. Social Work Tech Talk columnist, Gina Griffin, reviews some meditation apps that can help social workers either add to their self-care tool box or start one. Click here to read the article.


Self-Care Tools and Techniques From the Pros