February 2022


Family-Friendly Ideas to Celebrate Black History Month



Black History Month, also known as African American History Month, is traditionally observed during the month of February and is a time to commemorate the many contributions and achievements made by African Americans to American culture and society. Below are some activities families may enjoy to learn more about the traditions and people of this rich heritage. Many thanks goes to the members of the County of Orange Social Services Agency’s (SSA) African American Roundtable, a subcommittee of SSA’s Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee, for providing the celebratory ideas and recommended resources.




African American Innovators and Inventions
From the ironing board to the traffic signal, innovations developed by African Americans have made a significant impact on everyday life. Learn about the innovative creations and the inventors at the links below.

Arizona State University



National Geographic

Get Crafty While Learning Something New
The following resources provides ideas for games, art projects and other fun activities the whole family can enjoy.


PBS Kids


Explore the Culture Through Food

Whether the family enjoys eating out or cooking together at home, take some time to sample dishes inspired by the culture.





Visit a Cultural Center or Attend an Event
Learn about the history and culture either virtually or in person.

Black Cultural Events

California African American Museum

National Museum of African American History & Culture

Orange County Black History Parade & Unity Festival




Additional Resources


African American History Month
The story behind Black History Month.


Play a game of Black History Month trivia, “Jeopardy!”-style.


My Hero
Stories about people from various backgrounds and cultures making
a difference in their communities.


Program designed for students interested in pursuing careers in the
science, technology, engineering or mathematics fields.