July 2021


Their Voice


Children placed in the child welfare system all too often experience confusion and loneliness. Separated from their biological parents, and possibly from their brothers and sisters, they face navigating a complex system alone. But there is hope.


For over 35 years, CASA of Orange County (Court Appointed Special Advocates) has recruited and trained over 3,800 volunteers to walk alongside hundreds of children in the Orange County child welfare system. Through the development of consistent, one-on-one relationships, these volunteers often become the most important person in the children’s lives.


In addition to forming a positive connection with the children, volunteers interact with all professionals involved in the children’s cases and advocate for the children’s safety and well-being in court. Unlike the social workers, attorneys and other professionals juggling large caseloads, volunteers work with one child for the duration of their case. This commitment ensures volunteers get to know the children on a personal level.


CASA volunteers come from all walks of life and give each child the gift of their time and attention.Their involvement influences court decisions and makes a significant impact in children’s lives – for the better. To learn about the requirements and process to become a CASA volunteer, click here.



“Claire & Jeanne”