May 2022


Fun Ways Families can Celebrate Cinco de Mayo


By Oscar Ramirez
County of Orange Social Services Agency

Maintaining strong cultural ties and traditions is important for current and former foster children. Cultural identity contributes to resiliency, well-being and developing positive coping skills. Resource parents can help children stay connected to their culture by recognizing and celebrating important events. Cinco de Mayo (Fifth of May) is one such event. With a rich Mexican heritage in Orange County, there are many ways families can celebrate.

Learn about the history
Visit cultural centers such as El Centro Cultural de Mexico or librariesto gain an understanding of the battle and its significance.

Explore through food
Food is an important part of Mexican culture. Try new recipes with the kids or visit a local restaurant.

Try a new beat
Listen to and learn about the many styles of Mexican music: rancheras, norteñas, cumbias, baladas, corrido, mariachi, banda and rock español.

Cinco de Mayo History
Known as the Battle of Puebla — and often confused as Mexican Independence Day — Cinco de Mayo commemorates the victory of an undermanned and ill-equipped Mexican army against the French forces of Napoleon III on May 5, 1862. The French military invaded Mexico due to debt Mexico owed France and other European countries. After years of war, France withdrew their forces in 1867. The victory at Puebla served as a symbol of the Mexican army’s resilience and determination.