August 2021



“Bridges of Hope: From Foster Care to College”


Most youth in care spend their childhoods moving from one resource home to another and bouncing from school to school. It comes as no surprise that academic performance suffers along the way. According to the California Department of Education, the high school graduation rate for youth in care in California public schools was 58 percent, compared to 88 percent for students not in care. A 2018 CalYOUTH study found that although a growing number of former foster youth are attending college, almost half drop out after the first year. A contributing factor is the lack of relational support — the encouragement needed for youth to push through and persevere despite their circumstances. Sabrina Thomas knows this all too well. Thomas spent her childhood in foster care. She shares her story and message of hope to all youth in care.




California College Pathways


Guardian Scholars Program – California State University, Fullerton


Guardian Scholars Program – California State University, Long Beach


Guardian Scholars Program – California State University, Los Angeles


Guardian Scholars Program – Santa Ana College


Guardian Scholars Program – Santiago Canyon College


John Burton Advocates for Youth


Orangewood Youth Center