March 2021



Fostering Stability


Mental health issues affect an estimated 80 percent of children in foster care due to their complex trauma histories. In addition, the lack of stability and fractured family relationships may contribute to children experiencing panic and anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and alcohol and drug abuse. Understanding the effects of trauma on the health and development of children is key in providing them the appropriate help and resources.

As a resource parent, you are the main therapeutic intervention for a child who never experienced a healthy family life. By creating a safe and supportive home environment, where each family member feels loved, respected and valued, you are shaping the way a child views and understands their world. Ultimately, this will help them regulate their emotions and make healthier choices. However, in dealing with challenging behaviors, you may feel ill-equipped and alone. Take heart. You are never alone.


Mental Health Resource – NAMI Orange County


NAMI Orange County (National Alliance on Mental Illness), a nonprofit organization specializing in mental health services, provides free educational meetings, support groups and virtual events in an effort to support caregivers, family members and loved ones of children and youth struggling with mental health issues. For more information about services, click on the images below.