July 2022



Benefits of Large and Small Family Gatherings


By Oscar Ramirez
County of Orange Social Services Agency


Family reunions are summer traditions for many families, which is why July is National Family Reunion Month. It’s a time when relatives reconnect with each other and welcome new family members. A family reunion is a celebration of love and connection. After several years of isolation due to COVID-19, reconnecting with family has never been more important.

Studies show family gatherings positively impact the physical, mental and emotional well-being of all family members, especially children. From a simple
afternoon get-together to a weekend getaway, family reunions strengthen bonds and relationships.

But families don’t need a large event to meet. A gathering as small as a family meal is known to promote stability and encourage attachment. Building connections and security are vital to a child’s development. Make spending time together as a family a priority.



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