Hearts in Motion is a unique collaboration between the County of Orange Social Services Agency and the many diverse Orange County communities: businesses, faith communities, educational institutions, civic groups, nonprofits, neighborhood groups and concerned individuals.

The mission is to strengthen families by connecting the community to opportunities to support children and families touched by foster care. This includes recruiting safe and loving families to care for children either for a season or a lifetime.

Ways to Help


Resource parents provide loving, temporary or permanent homes for children removed from their families due to abuse or neglect. Prospective parents may be single or married, own or rent their homes/apartments and work inside or outside the home. For parents providing a permanent home, there are no fees associated with adopting a child through the County.

Another option is to provide respite care for children in the foster care system. Respite care enables resource parents to renew their relationship by being alone together for weekend getaways or to enjoy a few hours of time to go to dinner or a movie. Unlike childcare, respite may involve overnight care for brief periods of time or extended time up to 14 days.


Become a mentor and give caring and consistent support to a child experiencing challenges. Children in care need healthy adult connections. Mentoring may to improve mental health, behavior, academic outcomes and enhance social interactions.

Lend your time and talents. Participate in or organize special events for resource families. Do you enjoy photography? Capture children’s unique spirits and personalities by photographing them for the Heart Gallery, a photographic exhibit designed to find adoptive families. Are you a hairstylist? Give haircuts to children in foster care for special occasions like birthdays, back-to-school, school dances and graduations. Are you in finance? Consider becoming a financial coach to teens and young adults transitioning from foster care to independent living. Your generosity may inspire others to get involved — maybe even become resource parents — and transform a child’s life.


Individuals and small groups may give encouragement and practical support to resource parents and the children they care for. Tutor a child in out-of-home care, provide dinner for a family when they welcome a child into their home, offer to run errands or provide childcare as needed.

Meet unmet needs of families involved in foster care and give them hope. Needs may include: food, blankets, furniture, school supplies, clothing, shoes, personal hygiene items, baby items and gas gift cards. Help families celebrate the holidays, birthdays, graduations and other special milestones by providing gifts or donating resources for special events.

Learn about and become a foster care advocate. Raise awareness in your circle for the need of resource parents and community support.

Looking for other ways to get involved? Let’s connect!
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