Before Attending an Agency Orientation

We are glad to see that your passion for helping children led you to consider fostering and attending an Orientation class. We recommend that you take a moment to think about whether you are really ready to take the next step. Fostering is not only about your willingness to impact a child’s life, it is also necessary that you recognize what the role of a resource parent entails. Before registering for an Orientation class, click here to determine your readiness to move forward.

Attend a Resource Family Orientation

At this time, all in-person training classes are canceled until further notice. As an alternative, virtual classes for the monthly Orientation are available through Zoom. Contact us at for more information.

Orientation classes are held every month in English and every other month in Spanish. Come and learn more about the process to become a resource parent. Registration is required due to limited seating.

Weeknight classes begin at 6 p.m. and the doors open 15 minutes early. Please be on time. The doors will close 15 minutes after the orientation begins. Bring a sweater as room temperatures are unpredictable. Childcare is not provided and children, youth and teens may not attend, regardless of age.

To register, please call (888) 871-5437 or e-mail

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Learning about the child welfare system is the first step in making a significant impact in the lives of vulnerable children, families and caregivers. To request a resource parent recruiter as a speaker, complete the form or call (888) 871-5437.

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