9 Steps to Becoming an Adoptive Resource Family

Step 1:

Make a Call

Contact our Foster & Adoption Parent Information Line, toll free, at (888) 871-KIDS (1-888-871-5437). Someone will mail you an Adoption Information Packet.  If you have further questions, please call the Adoption Officer of the Day, at (714) 704-8000, or email us, at adoption@ssa.ocgov.com.

Step 2:

Attend an Agency Orientation

Register to attend an Introduction to Becoming a Resource Family, during which child welfare professionals will provide an overview of foster care and adoption and answer any questions you might have.

Classes are offered throughout Orange County, in both English and Spanish.  Sign language interpreters may also be provided if requested.

View a schedule of upcoming Orientations

Step 3:

Complete PRIDE Training

Attend a 6-week Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education (“PRIDE”) training series, which is taught by experienced foster and adoptive parents and social workers, and is designed to assist participants:

  • Develop and improve parenting skills.
  • Build confidence.
  • Assess their strengths as foster or adoptive parents.
  • Learn how to work with dependent children and the children's birth parents and other relatives.
  • Collaborate more effectively with social workers and Agency staff.
  • Explore ways to help dependent children adjust to their foster care placements.
  • Discover the resources available to help support Resource Families.
  • Learn about their rights and responsibilities as Resource caregivers.
  • PRIDE Training Schedule

Step 4:

Attend the Adoption Training Series and Attachment Parenting Classes

The Adoption Training Series consists of four (4) classes that must be taken in order.  In these classes, you will hear information specific to the home study process, as well as in-depth information about a child's journey through the dependency system.  Participants will also explore their motivations and expectations regarding adoption and identify tools needed for successful adoptive placements.  At the end of the Adoption Training Series, you will receive an Adoption Application to take home and complete.  In addition, you will be required to attend two (2) Attachment Parenting classes before the home study process is complete.

Step 5:

Obtain and Submit the Completed Application

Completed Adoption Applications must be submitted in-person only, at the Children and Family Services Offices located at 800 N. Eckhoff, in Orange.  No appointments are necessary.  When you arrive to submit your application, simply ask to speak with the Officer of the Day in the Adoptions Program.  The Adoptions Officer of the Day will review your application with you to make sure it is complete.  Please Note:  Applications will not be accepted if any documents are missing or incomplete.

Step 6:

Submit your Fingerprints/Live Scan 

At the time that you submit your completed Application for Adoption, you will be given instructions about how to complete the Live Scan (fingerprints) requirement.  This set of Live Scans are for Adoption purposes only.  There is no charge for Live Scan clearances if done at the Social Services Agency offices.  After the results of all Live Scans are received, your application will then be assigned to an Adoption Social Worker who will contact you to schedule an appointment to begin the Home Study process.

Step 7:

Begin the Home Study Process

Upon receiving your Live Scan results, an Adoption Home Study Social Worker will be assigned to begin the Home Study process.  During this time, you will submit any additional documents that may be required to your assigned social worker and the interview process will begin. 

Step 8:

Obtain a Foster Care License

You must obtain a foster care license before becoming eligible to adopt.  Your Adoption Home Study Social Worker will let you know when it is time to apply for a foster care license. You will be eligible to receive your foster care license after you have:

  • Attended a Foster Care Application Workshop.
  • Returned your completed application in-person, as requested.
  • Provided proof of successful completion of a CPR/First Aid class and all other required training.
  • Provided the results of TB testing for all adults residing in your home.
  • Been Live Scanned (fingerprinted) for foster care purposes AND the Agency must have received the results of background checks for all adults over 18 years of age residing in your home.
  • Finalized the home inspection process.

Step 9:

Complete the Home Study Process

Through a series of in-depth interviews, the Adoptions Social Worker will get to know you and your abilities, strengths and needs, to determine the best possible match for you and your family.    An approved Home Study is required before a child(ren) can be placed in your home.

Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a Resource Family, or have questions about Orange County Social Services Agency Adoptions, please contact:

  • The Foster & Adoption Parent Information Line, at (888) 871-KIDS (1-888-871-5437), and register to attend an orientation.
  • The Adoption Officer of the Day, at (714) 704-8000, or via email, at adoption@ssa.ocgov.com.